Waste-to-resources 2013

5th International Symposium MBT & MRF

Conference – Exhibition – Site Visits

Multilingual conference with simutaneous translation

English – French – German – Spanish 

11th - 14th of June 2013

Hanover, Germany

Mechanical-biological treatment (MBT) of municipal solid waste &
material recovery facilities (MRF) with sensor based sorting technology

Patronage: Peter Altmaier
German Minister of Environment

Program 2013

Topics discussed:

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Mechanical-biological waste treatment (MBT) is an efficient and comparatively cheap way to recycle components of the residual waste and to reduce organic input into landfill. In Germany 42 MBT plants with an annual treatment capacity of more than 5,100,000 t per year are in operation. In Austria and Italy MBT is also a wide spread technique and it is going to become a very important waste management option in many other countries. In a time of strongly increasing demand for material resources, extraction of recyclable materials from waste is becoming more and more important.

Waste-to-Resources MBT focuses on MBT and additionally on automatic waste sorting technology as the bridge between waste management and recycling industry. Having participants from about 40 countries each, the previous Waste-to-Resources conferences underlined its position as world’s most recognised conference on MBT & MRF (material recovery facilities).

On three days experts from nearly 20 countries will present their practical experiences and new developments.

      • 1st day: General topics, strategies, different waste treatment technologies, international application of MBT 
      • 2nd day: New and future developments and optimisation of MBT, mechanical treatment and sorting 
      • 3rd day: Emissions, operational experiences, MBT concepts and international aspects


Each presentation can be heard in English, French, German and Spanish language due to simultaneous translation.

On the 14th of June, a technical tour to MBT Pohlsche Heide and other facilities is offered. On the exhibition taking place parallel to the conference, prominent companies from the area of waste treatment will present themselves.

Additionally, Wasteconsult organises an two day introduction seminar to mechanical biological treatment on the 6th and 7th of June. PDF Programme and Registration 2013


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Participants from

Australia – Austria – Belgium – Benin – Brasil – Canada – Colombia – Dominican Republic – Ecuador – Finland – France – Georgian Republic – Germany – Greece – Great Britain – Hungary – India – Italy – Iran – Israel – Korea – Lituania – Malta – Nigeria – Poland – Romania – Serbia – Slovenia – South Africa – Spain – Thailand – Turkey – USA